Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, London

Mme Tussaud´s Wax Museum
Madame Tussaud´s Wax Museum is o­ne of London's most famous museums. First begin in 1835, the museum brings well-known figures from history and modern culture to life with stunningly-realistic figures made from wax. It features figures from politics, entertainment, royalty and history in an enormous museum grouped into several large, themed exhibits. From world leaders to famous murderers, the various themed rooms have plenty of figures to keep visitors busy for hours.

For history buffs, there are famous military leaders, kings, dictators and presidents. Displayed o­n the wall is the actual blade used to remove Marie Antoinette's head. For horror buffs there is the famous Chamber of Horrors. This section of the museum depicts scenes from the French Revolution and the plague and showcases famous villains like Jack the Ripper.

The entertainment figures come and go as cultural tastes change. With new and popular TV shows come new figures to reflect that popularity. Some wax figures also get makeovers to reflect the increasing age of the person depicted. Clothing is also changed regularly to keep up with trends. Current TV and sports stars are often depicted in the museum's displays.

Located o­n Marylebone Street near central London, the original Madame Tussaud's is still the best know. However, there are now other branches abroad, that feature figures more accessible to those countries. The New York museum features American athletes, music stars and figures of note. Other branches include Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Las Vegas with several new cities planned.